NASN Special Interest Group Awards

The following NASN Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards are determined by the special interest group and highlighted by NASN at the National Conference each year:

  • Outstanding School Nurse Educator Award
  • Outstanding Private, Independent, and Parochial School Nurse (PIPSN) Award 
  • Outstanding School Nurse of the Year for Students with Special Needs Award

Overall Description of SIG Awards:

Individual SIG (Special Interest Groups) determine the award qualifications and determine the award recipients. NASN provides a platform to recognize SIG award recipients. Each Affiliate (State) can submit an application for a SIG award by following the guidelines on NASN’s web site. A description of each award is on the web site which you can find by following this link: Special Interest Group Awards

Guidelines to submit a SIG award:

Specific guidelines for each SIG award can be found on NASN web site by following this link: Special Interest Group Awards. However, most SIG awards are required to be submitted by the NASN Affiliate Director or Affiliate President or SIG member, with a few exceptions. Therefore a draft of any SIG award submission with an electronic photo must be submitted to so that a nominee can be chosen who will represent Ohio and be forwarded to NASN.

Steps to submit a SIG Award:

  1. Check the NASN web site to ensure that the nominee meets the Criteria and Guidelines for the award.
  2. Complete a draft of the nomination and submit it with a photo to:
  3. Deadline for all SIG Award submissions to OASN is January 15 (no exceptions). We must have time to review awards, choose who will move forward to the NASN level and ensure it is submitted by the March 1 deadline to NASN.